"A punch in the tradition" Photo: Adriana Franciosi/ZH

“A punch in the tradition”
Photo: Adriana Franciosi/ZH

“AN HISTORICAL EVENT … I was honoured to attend the truly historical première of Christian Benvenuti’s P-U-N-C-H … It was an unforgettable experience from every perspective … The entire show was designed, thought of, and carefully directed … Christian Benvenuti – whose surname seems to echo those major Renaissance composers – is worthy of attention. He composes the opera, designs the scene, conducts the orchestra … The result is perfect. … There was silence, tension, and expectation in the audience – when the lights went off, applause was immediate, tense, and emotional. … Porto Alegre can be proud of being the place where such event took place.”

Antonio Hohlfeldt, Jornal do Comércio, April 11, 2014

“A PUNCH IN THE TRADITION … P-U-N-C-H, by Christian Benvenuti, challenges the opera conventions. Forget about everything – or nearly everything – you presume to know about opera. … this opera is a project nurtured since 2011 by relatively young and quite bold Christian Benvenuti. … His aesthetic affiliation? He doesn’t commit: ‘I like composing different things every time. If I feel comfortable on an aesthetic path, then it is time to change. The ideal every composer should aspire to is to compose his or her own music. But that is the work of a lifetime.‘”

Fábio Prikladnicki, Jornal Zero Hora, March 28, 2014

“A radical punch in intolerance … P-U-N-C-H stands out by its boldness and contemporaneity … [it] presents innovations such as the use of performance art, as well as aesthetic subversions such as the use of an electric guitar … [P-U-N-C-H] invites the audience to follow the story through powerful imagery … Fiction and non-fiction overlap, making it a radical staging. [P-U-N-C-H made] a breakthrough”

Michele Rolim, Agora Crítica Teatral, September 30, 2015